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How To Become DANGEROUSLY Self-Accountable

And Achieve Your Wildest Goals

In Seven Weeks

 Want to know the secret to extreme productivity that allows you to meet - if not exceed - your most ambitious goals in record time?


It’s having a battle-tested roadmap proven to work over and over again, no matter the type of goal, how difficult it may be, or how many resources you need.


I’m going to personally hand it to you at the bottom of this page, but first you have to understand why I’m making such a bold claim…


A dirty secret of the self-improvement industry is that “dragging” the process of real change is what makes you the most money.

Most programs don’t work because there is no follow up for consistent daily action. Men take courses go to seminars and then come home and don’t follow up. Consequently their lives don’t change for the better and they continue their downward spiral.


Think about your own journey in fixing your own life:

Buy another book. Purchase your 5th online course on being disciplined. Attend the upcoming seminar about why you can’t execute basic things you KNOW you should be doing.

Because if you changed for good and never needed another refresher again… well, that’s bad for their business!

And it’s in the best interest of the gurus to have you “hooked” on the personal development hamster wheel for as long as possible.

Not me, though.

My roadmap, which can be found in my online on-demand 7-week accountability video course, is literally the LAST “success” program you’ll ever have to buy. You can have access to it whenever you want.

It’s so ridiculously simple that you can follow it, apply it, and get results.

And even when you slip up, you can get back on the right path.

Here’s what you will learn each week:

The Solution

The Standard SELF-DIRECTED Accountability Program is designed to keep

you on track and committed to the changes you want to

make in your family, fitness and finances.


  • How to get ridiculously crystal-clear about WHAT you need to be accountable to (never second-guess your goals ever again, knowing they were literally made by you for you)

  • The list of questions you MUST ask yourself to be brutally honest about your starting point (90% of people fail this and then wonder why they fall short of their goals

  • My visualization exercise for seeing what the end result of your goals look like… mandatory to stop you from chasing the wrong goals on Day 1


  • The secret language and behaviors that lead men to perpetual victimhood where they do nothing but feel sorry for themselves

  • The iron-sharpening techniques to turn your mind into an impenetrable fortress that no excuse, bad life event, or emotion can take you down

  • How to avoid chasing the “status quo” to prevent the pursuit of possessions and accomplishments that don’t reflect what you truly desire.


  • Why men associate negative behaviors with pleasure and positive behaviors with pain… and how to do a 100% reversal on this common mental trap (you’ll literally become ADDICTED to goal achievement)

  • How to turn fear and pain into productivity boosters and use them to your advantage in achieving anything you want

  • My guide to using emotions as useful signs I’ll show you the right way to use both emotions for avoiding self-destructive and unproductive behaviors


  • How to escape the 9-5 rat race and achieve REAL financial freedom (HINT: it has nothing to do with how much money you make)

  • Why using money as a tool for survival and avoiding scarcity, instead of as a vehicle for growth and abundance, will eventually lead you to being poor

  • 20+ years of successful healthcare experience distilled into actionable items - you''' discover how to go from "super dad bod" to "Super MAN"

  • You'll immediately see how everything you learned up to now is applicable and practical to success in the real world


  • My step-by-step process of defeating inaction and the pain that stops people from taking the first step towards living a masculine life.

  • Why deadlines are your secret weapon to rapid execution… and how to use them in a way where you never feel pressured or exhausted

  • How to determine if a new goal you’re chasing after will actually improve your life, or is secretly a way for you to procrastinate on more important things


  • My secrets for meditation and journaling that turn them into tools of growth (unlike other methods, you can actually SEE and FEEL real progress every day)

  • The RIGHT questions to ask yourself to get a realistic picture of the progress you are making (or not… these questions reveal the answers you NEED to hear if you’re serious about success)

  • How to turn meditation and journaling into naturally effortless daily habits (because otherwise they’re a big fat waste of your time)


  • How to stop being roommates with your spouse and start becoming the best lover she’s ever had

  • Why your built-up anger and resentment leads to an automatic rejection of your sexual advances

  • The importance of physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy in a truly fulfilling sex life (because mindless pumping is what's repelling her away from you)

  • How to bring back the “wild animal” lying dormant in you and your wife (ever wanted sex in the car, the woods, even your in-laws’ house? You’ll want to pay close attention to this part of the course)

  • Plus, Eight Weekly Videos

    From Me To Help You

    Stay On Course

  • Commit To The Standard Academy and the Self-Directed Accountability Program

  • Eight Weekly Videos To Help You Stay On Course

  • By participating In The Self-Directed Accountability Program You Will Maintain Your Momentum with Consistent Daily Action

  • You Will Learn How To Keep Yourself Accountable

  • You Will be Held Accountable By Yourself to Do What You Have Committed to Doing.

  • SWAG To Support You in Your Quest To Change The Course Of Your Life.

  • On Boarding Discovery Call With Dr. Orest To Help You Start Creating The Life You Imagined for Yourself

  • Miraculous positive changes to your life can happen in less than 3 months and stay

    forever if you set them up the right way.

    You don’t have to slave away for years before a tiny little result finally sprouts from the ground.

    You don’t have to kill yourself and hate your life to become successful.

    And you don’t have to wonder “when, oh when” your circumstances will finally turn around for the better.

    You’ll finally become the best husband, father, and lover you’ve always wanted to be.

    But my program takes seriousness and dedication.

    Uncommitted, lazy, half-ass no-doers need not apply.

    This is a roadmap for people who are self-starters looking for the next level of abundance and joy.

    Don’t settle for a life that is unfulfilled. Imagine creating a life for yourself that is based on your wants. Imagine having the things you want. Imagine having the health you want. Imagine creating the relationships you want. 

    You will discover that this is still possible for you even if you have had past failures. 

    You will have a step-by-step process created by you to create the life you want. 

    You will be held accountable to help you stay on course. 

    You will have a clear path to take control of your life. 

    No one is coming to save you. 

    You have the power to save yourself.