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Congratulations on taking action and committing!

By committing you are taking the steps necessary to change the course of your life and the life of those you love.

There are several things you must do consistently to make this investment work. This is what I want you to do next

Watch the Weekly Video I send You Before You Start Each Week's Course! Not just watch with other shit going on in the background but be there, be present and without distractions. Turn off that fuckin phone.

Be ready to take action each week. Don't just consume content and forget about it. Action on your part is a must to get the results you want.

Be focused when going through the weekly lesson. Do the lessons for that week after viewing my weekly video. Do the exercise take your time to dive deep. It is important how you get it done. Do not half ass the answers to the questions.

Bonus Material

Watch the video on the members page . I discuss some hacks to help you get the most of the on demand portion of this program.

Enjoy the SWAG. They are physical anchors to your getting the most out of this program.

Now what I want you to do next is to check your inbox for my Quick Win video.

Watch that video for a quick WIN before you start anything!

Here is the link to the on demand training assets. Watch the first week's training after you view my weekly video. If you don't see my email in your inbox, check your spam folder. If it's not there, contact [email protected].

Remember the point of all this is “it’s all about creating a kick ass life for yourself and those you love”

Access the on-demand training assets

No one is coming to save you

You have the power to save yourself.





Here is what people say about Dr orest ...

KEvin M

"There are few people who can bring a sense of accountability to one's own self like Orest can.  

His natural ability to cut through what's holding you back will help you unlock the potential you know is inside of you. 

Orest has been helping me for over a year, and in addition to bringing out the best in me, it's been a lot of fun along the way."


"I’ve known Orest for over 20 years as a successful healthcare provider, entrepreneur and sage for those in need of direction. He is a natural leader with enviable drive and an enthusiastic, no-non sense approach to life. He has personally helped me reframe my intangible, “unreachable” dreams into realistic goals. With Orest, its less flash and more substance. Just what I needed in the TiKTok/ Instagram world of experts."

Patrick l

I listen to Dr. Orest not because he is older, not because he shouts louder, but because he has the balls to look me in the eye and say, "You are wrong and here is why' whilst still treating me with dignity and respect." 


“Orest is someone who looks to optimize his “old guy” years in a balanced way, whether that is fitness and putting up 100lb dumbbell bench presses, how to have a great relationship with your wife/partner or exploring intellectual interests with friends over cigars and a scotch”. Old guy years can be the finest years and pearls of wisdom come from Orest on how to do it”

Steve R

"I first stumbled across this podcast about 2 years ago, at the age of 57. I didn’t really think I was “old”, but I was definitely overweight, lethargic, and bored. The first episode I found had something to do with women and sex, so I listened, laughed, and learned a few things. I went back for more, then more and, over time, I’ve become a dedicated follower. Every podcast has some relevance to my life and offers an engaging blend of “informative” and “entertaining”. Sometimes, it’s as if the “Old Guy” talks directly to ME. " 

Matt M

"I've known & followed "OldGuy" Orest for a few years now. I appreciate the various current event & medical topics he discusses. Lots of great info for us guys to live GREAT Life!" 

JOhn L

Dr. Orest showed me that failure is not a terrible thing. Failure is another step on the route to success.  Each day that I met with Dr. Orest, I was able to overcome my fear of failure because each day he would tell me that no matter how much you fail, you will succeed.  No matter how terrible I felt, Dr. Orest would always be there to pick me up and direct me in the right direction. Dr. Orest mentoring allowed me to overcome my failures and gain confidence in my success." 

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